CEO – Lorie Loftis

L & S (1)Lorie Loftis CEO
Lorie Loftis, daughter to Lindi Biggi, has been the co-collaborator with her mother most of her life. Neither, Lindi or Lorie are short on imagination and together their visionary projects always seem to be purposeful, creative and out of the box fun. As CEO, she uses her eclectic experience in hospitality, education, business and recreation to offer a diverse experience for the guests. When asked if she is an expert in any of the trades that offer services at Venus de Fido, she laughs and replies, “Not really, I consider myself an expert consumer for what we offer at Venus. I am a middle aged woman who wants to live life to its fullest, stay vibrant active and young and help people feel and look good as well as their pups. The building itself is incredible to tour, but finding the experts that give the guest experiences beyond their expectations is the goal to make them come back…. Because it feels like family, it feels like home and most importantly it makes our guests feel good!”