Doggie Daycare

Dogs are social pack animals, and when left alone and isolated, it can cause tremendous emotional stress to them. Doggie daycare is a safe and fun way for them to feel secure when Mom and/or Dad are away.

  • Provides exercise and social stimulation
  • Is an excellent release of energy for the very active dog or puppy
  • Builds socialization skills with other dogs and people
  • Reduces unwanted behaviors such as digging, chewing and destroying belongings in your home and/or yard
  • Avoids the risk of injury which may occur while using a public park
  • Allows you to come home to a happy, healthy, well exercised dog

Here at Venus De Fido, we take pride in our time spent with your pooch.  You can rest assured knowing your dog(s) will enjoy cage-free care, including multiple outdoor walking sessions, treats, basic obedience training and play time with our wranglers, trainers and canine friends alike. 


Fido or Venus De Fido Wellness Plan Participant

(After the first free 10 hours, the following charges apply.)

1 Hour                                           $  8
2 Hours                                         $16
3 Hours                                         $20
4 Hours                                         $25
5+ Hours                                       $35


1 Hour                                           $10
2 Hours                                         $20
3 Hours                                         $25
4 Hours                                         $30
5+ Hours                                       $45

Daycare must be pre-booked, 24 hours in advance of requested service.  Feel free to use the calendar below or call our Fido Specialists at 760.834.7050.

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