Our beautifully designed studios play host to a variety of classes tailored to meet the needs of our members. More than 50 classes a week are offered in an effort to bring our members and guests the best workouts in the perfect setting. The very best audio visual tech for full sensory stimulation. is available to keep the energy high. All the latest class styles are offered: Yoga, Cardio & Step, Circuit Training, Pilates, Tai Chi, Zumba, and Fitness classes for every age and ability.



Our Fitness Members will receive a complimentary fitness assessment to determine the best prescription to help achieve their goals. Our Fitness Director and Concierges will assist our guests by introducing them to the programs and professionals on our team that will compliment their routine. We are here to explain your selections and reserve the classes and programs that are best suited for your lifestyle.




We know that everyone is fitness challenged in a very personal way; not everyone needs to be a body builder. Most of us want to achieve and maintain flexibility and mobility. Some of us are recovering from an injury while others are in tip top shape and are in need of a challenge to maintain lifelong stamina. Balance and core strength are the foundation to good cardio programs. Whether you need a Physical Therapist or a Personal Trainer we seek to get you where you want to be from where you are now.

Your Canine Kids are restricted from the Human training areas and will be requested to be checked into daycare or be registered for a playgroup while you work out in our gym areas or consider working out with your four-legged friend in their Indoor Dog Park. check out Fido Fun and Fitness page to find out more.

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