Founder Lindi Biggi

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An active and enthusiastic philanthropist, Lindi Biggi has spent the majority of her time since retiring as an advocate for animals.  Prior to retiring from eighteen years as an escrow officer and co-owner of a food manufacturing business and commercial real estate management with her husband Geno Biggi, she could be considered a Birdoholic because of her bird sanctuary that housed fifty to sixty various species of birds.  The Bird Sanctuary, known as BG BIRD GARDENS has been moved from Oregon to the back yard of the Biggi residence in Palm Desert and will soon be relocated to two acres fronting on San Pablo and opened to the public.

Coming from Oregon and relocating in Palm Desert California, Lindi, with a lot of her Pet Pals, started LOVING ALL ANIMALS in 2008 with the mission being to work with others to stop the accepted practice of using killing as a means of companion animal population control.  Her sincere belief is that no healthy, adoptable animal should ever be put to death…  LOVING ALL ANIMALS has a network of foster homes that take animals out of the kill-shelters and nurtures them until loving homes are found.  Loving All Animals is a non-profit and continues only because of the generous donations of community animal lovers and will soon have the financial infusion of a thrift store opening on the corner of San Pablo and Alessandro Drive in Palm Desert.  The name of the store is THE SHOPPE

Having a vision of being able to share more of the good things in life with ones Best Friend, both human and canine, the concept of VENUS DE FIDO was born.  Lindi and daughter, Lorie Loftis mentally conjured up the idea of putting a first class Beauty and Wellness Center that served dogs and their owners under one roof.  Adding the Italian theme because of the heritage of Geno Biggi and Lorie  coming up with the name of VENUS DE FIDO and Geno making the land of the dilapidated old Palm Desert Gym Lindi’s birthday present, they were committed to turn the dream into reality.  Bringing the creativity and artistic abilities of Hamilton Builders on Board, gave them the courage to proceed forward which ended up being the focus of the next three years of their lives.

Lindi says –  “Seeing people walk through the doors with their dogs wagging tails as each go to an exercise class, get a massage, hair done, (yes we have hair dressers and groomers), makes it all worthwhile – If you haven’t seen what – is under the Italian inspired domes – you owe it to yourself to drop by”