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Venus De Fido is now offering a golf fitness program

The program will start with a physical assessment and video swing analysis on the driving range (initial session). After locating all overactive and underactive muscles, an integrated workout program can be established.

How the program works

1.) A physical screen will be conducted on our fitness center including balance, flexibility, and strength tests. Following the assessment, the student will hit 5-10 golf balls, capturing each on video using V1 technology. (about 30 minutes)

2.) After all information is gathered and assessed, we will devise an integrated workout routine that best fits each golfer’s needs. (each workout routine is designed to last one hour)

3.) Last, a schedule and package will be chosen. Each workout routine will last about 4 weeks, before having to adjust the original routine due to improvement.

“To be a more consistent and injury resistant golfer, you have to first understand the connection between the golf swing and one’s physical limitations. There are an unlimited number of ways to swing. The key is to find what a golfer can and can’t physically do,”

Grant Bollin

Golf Fitness Specialist

Grant Bolin

Grant Bolin

Golf Fitness Specialist

As a Golf Professional for several years in Ohio, Grant has had the opportunity to work with golfers of all ages.  He started teaching golf fitness when he noticed simply directing students to swing a certain way was not always effective.  He began to study the biomechanics of the golf swing and the necessary moves a golfer needs to make for a less resistant and injury free swing.   This will be his second season in the desert as a Golf Fitness Trainer. His certifications and background include: Certified Personal Trainer-NASM, Golf Fitness Specialist-NASM, Performance Enhancement Specialist-NASM, Titleist Performance Institute Certified, and is a PGA Apprentice.”

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