Rental Space Opportunities

Venus de Fido Tenant Opportunities


Hair Stylists/Make Up Artists for Hair Salon Studio

Nail Technician for Nail Studio

Esthetician Studio – Shared Space

Massage & Body Treatment Studios – Shared Space

Treatment Rooms – by the hour

Percentage Lease Option, T.I. Package, Marketing Package, Membership Benefits, Additional Income Opportunities

For more information contact Lorie Loftis-CEO lorie@venusdefide.com


Venus de Fido Tenant Marketing Package

Becoming a tenant at Venus de Fido is much more than securing space for your business opportunities. The facility is a unique one of a kind space centrally located in the heart of Palm Desert that brings together the passion people have for wellness and their pets into one space. Because of the unique combination of services offered the business will garner extensive press coverage from the local to the national level due to being the first of its kind. Venus de Fido will be frequented by the Valley’s most influential residents and tourists who are willing to invest in the latest upscale products and services for themselves and their pets.

In many ways, Venus de Fido is one of Palm Desert’ most potent retail locations, singularly unique in that it has the potential to capture not only the dense consumer base resident to the Coachella Valley community, but it is also located along one of the City’s businesses thoroughfares, and two blocks from one of Palm Desert’ busiest tourist attractions – El Paseo.

Being located right off the 111 and having ample available parking makes Venus de Fido an extremely attractive retail proposition for a tenant and their customer base.

At Venus de Fido we are your partner in helping you to grow your business and becoming as successful as possible. We offer an array of services that are included in your tenant package that no other landlord in the area provides. Imagine having a partner working with you side by side to keep you organized, promoted, and supporting clients flowing into the entrance of your space.

With the array of amenities we offer, we help to take your business and customer service to the exceptional level.

Venus de Fido P.O.S. System

We provide cutting-edge business management software service that specifically caters to the health and wellness industries: Our software provider MINDBODY was the first to bring business management to the web, the first to offer online booking and the first to offer a management mobile app. MINDBODY continues to lead the industry by continuously evolving their management systems and products to meet consumer demand: one system to track everything, that grows with your business, and is accessible from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Secure & Reliable, Guaranteed

Data security is their top priority. MINDBODY consistently earns a Level I PCI Compliance rating, the highest level of credit card protection available. Credit card numbers are encrypted, so once they’re entered into the system, no human eyes ever see the full number again. In addition, constant internal and external security testing ensures the highest credit card data security.

They also back up your clients’ information continuously through multiple redundant systems, ensuring the safe storage of your data. As a member of TRUSTe, continuous audits are performed on their cloud, web and mobile app resources to ensure protection of private information. And they guarantee 99.9% availability of your MINDBODY site, the highest reliability in the industry.

You will have your own specific software login and resource that is only accessible to you. If you participate in our concierge service, our team can help book your appointments, for you and support in the management of your business. 

Your Concierge Service Super Stars

Why have your personalized concierge and business support? A big reason is that most business professionals are busy with clients all day long and finding the time to call back clients, make appointments, and effectively market their business often gets pushed to the back burner and causes missed income opportunities. Taking care of all that “stuff” requires time and organization. We are here to help you keep your business organized. The Concierge Staff provide tours complete with promotional elevator speeches about your business, service or event.  They meet and greet your patrons with an accommodating smile, suggest and book appointments for you, can collect for your services, escort spa guests to the locker room, provide pre-treatment pampering for that over the top experience.

Web Site Marketing, Collaterals, and Local SEO

Venus de Fido’s state of the art website is a powerful tool for marketing your individual business. The site is designed and coded in the most current coding standards, feature industry compliant functionality as well as a cutting edge aesthetic look. These marketing components help to have the highest quality of web presence without having to invest thousands of dollars to create your own. In addition you will benefit from all of our SEO efforts in gaining local clients.

You will have your own page highlighting your products and services where your clients and potential customers can easily have access to all of your information thusly better utilizing all that you have to offer.

Center Menu

Our menu is the center point of our service and product offerings. The Venus menu is a beautifully crafted menu of services that includes inserts from all of our tenants that entices clients to explore each tenant and service personally.

Social Media Marketing

Where you communicate with your clients is as important as how you communicate in a socially wired world.  You need to be where your present and future customers are liking, sharing, asking and searching online.  Venus de Fido will support you with tools and a presence for the following social media opportunities.

Most business owners know about how to operate their business but are not social media experts. We work with selected vendors to develop a strategy to that promotes Venus de Fido and you!

We send a monthly digital newsletter that’s sent to our existing data base, designed to generate interest in new and existing services and promote and highlight our brand and tenants. You even have the ability to send it out to your clients.

We have consistent, customized activity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ to drive traffic to our website and your business.

Healing Out Loud  Our video blog series featuring industry experts providing guest opportunities on the subject of health and wellness. You and your program could be the next subject matter for our soon to be place to go for cutting edge state of the art information.

Cross Marketing & Special Events

  • Introduction to local community with events and incentives
  • Corporate promotional events and incentives that tenants can participate in
  • Center guest conversion program
  • Special event programs to include corporate, and other special occasion programs

Product Sales

You will have the ability to earn additional revenues through recommending products from our retail stores. Earn commissions without having the financial responsibility of having to carry large inventories of products.