Dog Daycare vs Dog Playgroup
By: Tabitha Davies, VDF Dog Trainer
Doggy daycare and playgroups are drastically different from each other and both are beneficial in different and similar ways.
Doggy care provides mental and physical enrichment for your dog while you are out of the house or at work. Your dog comes and gets to socialize with other dogs under the direct supervision of daycare staff.
Finding a daycare that can facilitate a dogs ability to play and run and meet their mental and physical needs it is extremely beneficial to both the owner and the dog. Being able to do so in a safe environment with dogs who are well socialized and healthy is equally as important.
Examples of qualities for quality dog daycare are:
* Requires all age appropriate vaccinations or equivalent titers.
* Health checks each dog upon arrival for visible signs or illness or injury.
* Clean facility with routine disinfectant practices.
* Temperament tests all dogs prior to acceptance with a detailed history
* Requirement of a high quality lunch
* Supervision by quality staff who are trained in body language and behavior as well as first aid and CPR and can responsibly supervise the dogs in care.
* Has adequate outdoor space and or breaks for walks outdoors.
* Dividers are closed off so dogs are not building boundary reactivity
* Activities and games encourage play and reduce anxiety and hyperactive behaviors
* Do not allow 3rd wheeling, excessive barking, gate charging, etc

Play Groups facilitate play between the owner and their dog as well as other dogs and their owners. Play groups are supervised by well trained staff trained in body language and communication as well as first aid and CPR. Playgroups have the same requirements as daycare except a playgroup can be indoors or outdoors. Playgroups are usually a maximum of 10 dogs are size specific and 60 min or less in time. The biggest difference is the owner stays with their dog and plays with them. In daycare the dog makes friends with staff. In playgroups the dog enjoys bonding time and exercise directly with their owner.
For the young dog or the well socialized dog both of these options can provide the dog with socialization in a safe environment that encourages proper behavior, can reduce a dogs unwanted behaviors at home, can increase bonding time, and provide a safe space for your dog.

A proper facility, while they love your very senior or challenged dog, will decline care for your dogs best interest. Senior dogs or dogs with medical conditions are at greater risk for illness or injury and a higher stress level when in a daycare facility. However they will probably welcomed to attend playgroups with their owner if they pass the temperament testing.

Venus De Fido Dog Daycare and Dog Open Park Play (Play Groups) are designed to be a low stress high fun environment for both the dogs and the owners. Call today to book your dogs temperament testing or to visit our facility and see for yourself what sets us apart in the care of your dog.