Indoor Dogpark

What makes Venus De Fido so unique amongst the hundreds of other dog parks located in the United States of America? The fact that this facility hosts year-round workshops designed to promote health and wellness for both pet owners and their four-legged best friends. Our goal is to help educate dog owners with training and to provide safe socialization opportunities for their pets.

Venus De Fido strives to maintain a safe environment by requiring pet parents to show proof of current vaccinations and/or titer reports for all canine guests using our facility. Each dog must also pass our free temperament test to ensure the pet is friendly and social. Please call ahead to schedule this test as it is a prerequisite to using our indoor dog park and/or daycare services. Our dog playgroups and off-leash activities are monitored by trained dog wranglers, who are similar to lifeguards at a public pool. This service is provided for added protection and gives an extra set of eyes should a pet parent be distracted for any reason. Pet parents are responsible for the immediate cleanup after their dog. As a further precaution, our dog park is sanitized nightly. Your pet’s health and safety is our #1 priority.

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