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Date(s) - 01/20/2019
11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Venue at Venus


January 20, Sharon Sills will be hosting a Brunch at Venus De Fido and collecting clothing donations for Desert Best Friend’s Closet http://bfcloset.org. where the mission is to educate and empowers (their) clients for success in employment and life. In order to evolve we must shed the old to make room for the new. During this Ladies Day and Brunch at Venus you can enjoy donating your perfectly good used professional clothes that no longer express the woman you are today and receive a $10 off voucher in the Venus Boutique! 

BRUNCH DETAILS Sharon Sills is the Headliner for Brunch performing her One Woman Act, The Story of My Life (lowlights, lowlifes and limelights), on January 20th. at Venus De Fido “Sharon is much more than an entertainer, she’s spine tingling inspirational”, acclaims, Lorie Loftis, CEO of Venus de Fido. Sharon has been entertaining audiences in Southern California and Las Vegas for more than 3 decades and recently began performing in Palm Springs and Palm Desert. With her huge powerful voice delivered with total control, Sharon shares an extensive and diverse repertoire covering the spectrum from standards and golden oldies through blues, Show Tunes and rock ‘n’ roll. She impresses and comforts with songs such as Wind Beneath My Wings, Send in the Clowns, When You’re Good To Mama, Great Balls of Fire, I Feel Good, Whole lotta Shakin’ Goin On, All That Jazz and many more. Sharon is a must see entertainer that always keeps us wanting more. https://www.facebook.com/Sills… The Champagne Brunch will feature Bountiful Buffets featuring an “If you Dare” spread of Southern Comfort Foods with a glass of Champagne as well as an “If you Care” buffet for the health conscious to enjoy with an Elixir Spritzer. The gals that come early can sign up to model for 35% off their outfits and will start our Brunch with a Fashion Show featuring the Dress to Express fashions of the Venus Boutique and accessories from our guest vendors. RSVP by Jan 18th


Tickets are $35.00 for Brunch Only include reserved Brunch seating

Doors open at 9 am 

Brunch Service starts at 11:30 am

Show starts at 12:00 pm


Attention: This event will include a fashion show featuring the Venus Boutique and the Ms. Senior California Royalty models


Brunch Menu


IF YOU CARE MENU (Based on the new Weight Loss Point System and Meal Planning by Elizabeth Scarcella and Venus De Fido) :

Name of the Dish: Carved Ham

1 Oz.

40 Calories

6 grams Protein

.5 grams Carb

0 Dietary Fiber

0 Sugar

1.7 grams Fat

1 point  Protein

0 oz Veg


Name of the Dish:  Plain Greek Non-Fat Yogurt

1 oz.

17 Calories

3 grams Protein

1 gram Carb

0 gram Fiber

.9 grams Sugar

0 Fat

1 point Protein

0 Veg

0 Fruit

Name of the Dish: Fruit

¼ cup  

Approx.  33 Calories

.7 grams Protein

8 grams Carb

2 grams Fiber

5 grams Sugar

0 grams Fat

0 point Protein

0 point Veg

½ point Fruit

Name of the Dish: Chicken Breast

2 oz.   

75 Calories

18 grams Protein

0 grams Carb

0 Dietary Fiber

0 Sugar

2 grams Fat

2 points Protein

0 points Veg

0 points Fruit

Name of the Dish: Egg White Bake ( al fresco sausage)

2 oz.

26 Calories

5 Grams Protein

3 grams Carb

0 grams Fiber

.3 grams Sugar

.1 gram Fat

2 points Protein (1 egg & 1 meat)

0 point Veg

0 point Fruit

Name of the Dish: Cauliflower Dish (echo to the potatoes in if you dare)  

1/2 cup

25 Calories

2 grams Protein

5 grams Carb

2 grams Dietary Fiber

2 grams Sugar

0 grams Fat


1 point Carb Veg

Carb Fruit

Name of the Dish: Madras Curry Brussel Spouts

½ cup

43 Calories

3.4 grams Protein

9 grams Carb

4 grams Fiber

2 grams Sugar

0 Fat


1 Carb Veg

Carb Fruit

Name of the Dish: Mixed Green Salad   

15 Calories

1.4 grams Protein

3 grams Carb

1 gram Fiber

1 gram Sugar

0 Fat

0 points Protein

0 points Carb Veg

0 points Carb Fruit









Greek Yogurt




Mini muffins – lemon poppyseed apple spice

Cinnamon crunch bagels

Cream cheese and peanut butter

Mini Quiche – savory spinach feta

Berry Pastry

Carved Ham

Egg Bake – Red Pepper Green Onion and Bacon

Parsley Potatoes

Orange Juice

Tomato Juice


Bookings are closed for this event.