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Life is better when you are golfing
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Venus De Fido is now offering a golf fitness program

The program will start with a physical assessment and video swing analysis (initial session). After locating all overactive and underactive muscles, an integrated workout program can be established.

How the program works

  1. A physical screen will be conducted on our fitness center including balance, flexibility and strength tests.
  2. After all information is gathered and assessed; we will devise an integrated workout routine that best fits each golfer’s needs.
  3. Last, a schedule and package will be chosen.


Sessions are approximately 60 minutes.


Personal Training:

1 Session                                 $    90.00
6 Session Package                   $  540.00
12 Session Package                $1080.00


Group Training (2 or more clients):
Rates below are per person.


1 Session                                 $ 70.00
6 Session Package                   $420.00
12 Session Package                 $840.00


Venus and Venus De Fido Wellness Plan Participants receive 10% off 6 session package and 20% off 12 session package rates listed above.

Call Cesar today at 760.834.7070 to get started!