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Group Training Classes

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 Basic Obedience

6 sessions for $120

Obedience 1– This course includes many commands which include: Sit, Down, Stay, Look, Come, Recall, Name, Yes, Leave it, Drop it.  During the 6 week course we will focus on 2 of the above items every week.  At the start of the week we will also recap everything learned from the week before to make sure everyone is understanding the material.  During the course we will be using treats as a means to teach the dogs what we want them to do.  At the end I will tell you how to wean your dog from the treats so you don’t always have to be carrying treats with you everywhere.  During the course you will be given the tools needed to help you and your fido create a bond through mutual trust and leadership.  We will also help to solve problem behaviors such as Digging, Barking, Chewing, Nipping (taking treats roughly), Jumping, as well as potty training and crate training if needed.  At the end of every session you are free to ask any questions you may have and I will also go over your homework for the week. It will consist of working with your dog for 10-15 mins a session at least once a day.

The methods used in this course include Positive reward and Negative punishment.

Positive Reinforcement –   Also referred to as force free training, is a reward based, or even clicker trainings is a method that focuses on telling your dog when they have done something correctly.  It is a process known as operant conditioning in which a reward of punishment as added (positive) or removed (negative), resulting in the increase or decrease of the behavior.

Negative Punishment – With this, we take away something that the dog likes such as attention, toys, treats, freedom in space, etc.

We will be using these 2 methods during training.

Minimum requirements:  Must be at least 12 weeks of age with at least the second set of shots.  Dogs over 4 months must have the rabies.  All dogs must provide proof of vaccination.

Since it is Obedience 1 there are no prerequisites.

Registration notes.  Notify me of any allergies dog may have, bring a 6 foot leash and no retractable leashes, treats, vaccination information.   Expect to learn at least 2 commands every week.